Stallion Breeding Contract


Contract Number: 048WC


This contract is for an artificial insemination service of the stallion: Firmamento de Agualinda, owned by Hacienda Luna Llena and Mr. Reynaldo Rodriguez Torres.


Stud Service Fee: $2,000.00


Mare Served:


Name: ________________________ Date of Foaling: ____________


Sire: __________________________ Broodmare: _______________


Registration Number: _____________ Entity: ____________________


Owner/Agent Name: ___________________________________________


Stallion Owner Agreement:



Mare Owner Agreement:



Other Agreements:


         Complete payment is required prior to the service (check, credit card, or wire transfer).

         If the stallion dies or is not able to provide service (certified by a veterinarian) before the FIRST service or shipment of semen for the mare, the stud service fee will be returned.

         In case that either party does not fulfill the agreements of this contract, that party will be responsible for any applicable costs, including attorneys fees.


Mare Owner/Agent Signature: ________________________ Stallion Owner/Agent: ___________________________

Postal Address: ___________________________________ Telephone: ___________________________________

___________________________________ Signature:_____________________________________

Telephone: ___________________________________ Date: ________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________